Studio per Palude a sera, (1875 c.) FD544

Disegno a matita e carboncino su carta, 20 x 27.4 cm.


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Reggio Emilia, 1818 - Torino, 1882 Painter. Eminent figure in Italian nineteenth century landscape painting. In exile in Geneva in 1850, he adopted the Romantic style and French naturalism, exhibiting in Paris from 1859, and after 1861, in Turin and Florence. He was a strong influence on the Rivara school and the Macchiaioli painters. Linked to A. Ravier, he stood out for a lyricism which highlights contrasts of light and effects of vagueness. In London in 1866 he was struck by the work of Turner. Teacher at the Accademia Albertina in Turin from 1869, he gradually fell out of favour with the critics until he was rediscovered after 1892 by Pointillists and Symbolists. The GAM in Turin possesses the legacy left by the artist.

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