Raccolta disegni FD609a 🔍

Raccolta di disegni e carte dell’architetto Luigi Belli

FD 609a


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Turin 1844 - 1919 Painter, born to a French mother, he studied decorative architecture in Paris. Back in Turin, he devoted himself to sculpture, following the lessons of Odoardo Tabacchi at the Accademia Albertina. In 1871 he was called to model the monument of the Fréjus Tunnel for Piazza Statuto in Turin, which was inaugurated in 1879. From 1885 he started teaching again at the Albertina, first of ornamental plastic and then of decoration and ornamentation. His works are scattered throughout Italy, including the monuments to the Crimean Expedition (1892) and Mazzini (1917) in Turin.