Orientale, (2009) FD662

Tecnica mista su tela, 90x400cm


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Rocca di Papa, 1955 Italian artist and painter, in the 70s he attended the lessons of Alberto Ziveri at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and deals with conceptual art. Participate in the activities of the neo-avant-garde of La Stanza, a Roman gallery managed by a group of artists including Bruno Ceccobelli and Giuseppe Gallo. There he held his first personal exhibition in 1977. In 1980 he took part in an anachronist group show at the La Tartaruga gallery in Rome. He exhibits at Annina Nosei Gallery in New York, Galerie Folker Skulima in Berlin, Galerie Triebold in Basel, works centered on the evocation of the human figure through decontextualized objects of common use. He took part in the Sidney Biennale and in the XI Rome Quadriennale in 1986. In 1988 and 1993 he took part in the Venice Biennale.