“The Primacy of the Work”

“The Primacy of the Work” is the title of the new layout of the 1900s collection of Gam, recently created by the director Riccardo Passoni. Numerous pieces on display belong to the collections of the Fondazione De Fornaris: among these, “Still Life with Salami” (1919) by Giorgio de Chirico, “The Woman and Armour”” by Felice Casorati (1921), “Nude with Fruit (Red Nude)” ( 1931) by Francesco Menzio, “The Strength and the Heroes” by Arturo Martini (1934), “Sack” by Alberto Burri (1952), “Tribute to Billie Holiday” (1964) by Pino Pascali, “What to do?” (1968) by Mario Merz.

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