BALLA Giacomo

Turin, 1871 - Rome, 1958

  • FD053

    Portrait of Clelia Ghedini Marani, 1907, Oil on canvas, 70 x 69.5 cm
  • FD054

    Free Study for Portrait of Clelia Ghedini Marani, 1907, Black chalk drawing, tempera and charcoal on paper, 22.5 x 25 cm


Portrait of Clelia Ghedini Marani, 1907


Free Study for Portrait of Clelia Ghedini Marani, 1907


In Rome from 1895, Balla painted urban subjects with a human touch, giving new form to the technique and rhythms of Divisionism. In 1909 he approached Futurism and became one of its leading exponents, focusing on Photodynamism and on the dynamic effects of light refraction (Iridescent Interpenetrations, 1912-14), with personal research into the "abstract equivalents" of representation. In 1915 he drafted the manifesto entitled The Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe with Depero, and started experimenting with unconventional-material sculpture. In the 1920s he took an interest in cinema and theatre, gradually returning to figurative representation with paintings of cities and landscapes, and portraits.

Board of Directors

Piergiorgio Re (Chairman)
Diego Novelli (Vice-chairman)
Fiorenzo Alfieri
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Giovanni Cordero 
Paolo Emilio Ferreri 
Enrico Filippi 
Emanuela Gambetta
Gian Paolo Zanetta


Cesare Ferrero
Aldo Milanese
Anna Tornoni


Lorenzo Ferreri


Marina Paglieri

Artistic Commission

Fiorenzo Alfieri
Giovanni Cordero
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Giuseppe Luigi Marini
Francesco Poli


Via Magenta n. 31
10128 Torino


011 542491




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