Ten years ago the inauguration of “In Limine”

Ten years ago, it was March 18, 2011, the President of  Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano inaugurated “In limine” by Giuseppe Penone. The sculpture, placed in front of the Gam, of which it has become a sort of portal, was commissioned and supported by  Fondazione De Fornaris on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. The large bronze oak that rests on a marble base furrowed with roots, on one side a hand that connects the human presence to the plant and mineral world, has become a symbolic work of an event that we like to remember today, when the years that separate us from the Unit are 160. At that time, Fondazione’s  President  Piergiorgio Re  with the Board of Directors and the City authorities did the honors, while a crowd of people attended the ceremony.
Today you can admire “In limine” also from another point of view, through  “ll Museo che non c’è”, the virtual museum of  Fondazione De Fornaris

The video dedicated to the artwork, published by Contemporary Art

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